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No one will be allowed to create chaos, Kakar defends election results delay

12 February, 2024 16:28

Interim Prime Minister Anwaarul Haq Kakar defending inordinate delay in elections results said that no one will be allowed to create chaos in the country.

“Despite challenges, the continuation of democratic process is welcome development,” Kakar told media on Monday.

“The elections were held peacefully despite security challenges.”

He lamented the premature announcement of election results by media houses, saying that there was a projection of “unverified figures” in the process.

“Does anyone know how long did it take to count the votes in the General Elections 2024?” he asked. “We compiled the results in 36 hours. In 2018, it took 66 hours [to count the votes].”

He said security agencies played a key role in maintaining law and order in the country.

The interim premier believes that the February 8 polls were held in a “free and fair manner”.

“We did not have any institutional mechanism either in fear or favour of an entity, political group or individual,” he said, adding the same was the stated policy of the caretaker government.

Commenting on complaints of irregularities in the electoral process, he said that a procedure pertaining to this had been provided by Parliament.

“But I agree that the future Parliament should focus more on the electoral process, the system of balloting and rest of the issues affiliated with it.

“I personally feel we should have a more robust and financially independent election commission,” PM Kakar added.

New IMF deal

Moreover, he said that caretaker government continues to hold talks with the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

“We are communicating with them and by the way the caretaker government has very good relations with the IMF. They are appreciative that we achieved our tax targets and the rest,” Kakar said.

Regarding a new deal with the IMF, the premier said the new government would take the lead on that.

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