Sun, 19 May 2024
( 11 Dhul Qidah 1445 )

Our silence helped Israel in Gaza violence: Jamila

25 April, 2024 13:35

Iran’s first lady Jamila Alam Al-Hoda has said that after visiting Pakistan, her thinking has become more positive for the country.

During an interview with a local TV, Jamila said that Israel was committing genocide of Palestinians. Israel is committing atrocities against humanity, this is a complex problem that is centuries old and it is against humanity.

She further said that because of our silence, Israel was encouraged to continue its violence. Allah will never forgive those who are silent despite all this as their silence is worse than the crime that is happening in Palestine.

The Iranian president’s wife further said it is believed there is a fear inside women, but womenfolk are fearless in Gaza. Israel is trying to commit genocide in Palestine by killing children and women. Israelis consider themselves to be the followers of Prophet Moses, but actually they are the followers of Pharaoh.

Regarding Israel, the Iranian president’s wife said that what is happening in Gaza is unprecedented in the world. But we are proud of our mothers and sisters that despite all this are they are not sitting silently and are fighting Israel in a full way. Not only the women of Gaza, but also journalists and doctors have come forward voluntarily to put up resistance, she added.

Jamila Alam Al-Hoda said that she wanted the Western media to come to Iran and see the situation for themselves on the news of atrocities on Iranian women. In this regard, many female journalists had also visited Iran. The mainstream media of the world is under the influence of the US and Israel, and the reality of women and the voice of our revolution has been suppressed by the media.

The Iranian first lady further said that she feels very happy that she have visited Pakistan. Before coming to Pakistan, my thoughts about Islamabad were positive, but after coming here, these have become more positive.

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