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Pakistan Nuclear Security Regime booklet published

11 February, 2020 03:38

Pakistan Nuclear Security Regime booklet published on the third 5-day International Conference on Nuclear Security. 

Ministry of Foreign Affairs publishes booklet as International Atomic Energy Agency began conference in Vienna.

Pakistan Nuclear Security Regime

According to Foreign Office, this step comes as first part of Pakistan’s practice to share information on the measures which it has taken to further strengthen nuclear security.

It also aims at demonstrating the high-level attention that nuclear security continues to receive in Pakistan.

In a statement, the Foreign Office said Pakistan has established a comprehensive and effective national nuclear security regime.

Moreover, it said the regime remains at par with international standards and guidelines.

Pakistan had to go nuclear because India initiated nuclear weapons race in South Asia.

But Pakistan always made it clear its nuclear status remains deterrent despite India’s warmongerings.

Unfortunately, the world treat India and Pakistan differently.

The US-led bloc always tilted in favour of India while impressing Pakistanis vice versa.

Western countries preferred India to Pakistan although the latter played key role for Western bloc.

The nuclear power status drew more wrath for Pakistan as compared to India.

US has offered India nuclear cooperation to India instead of Pakistan despite having given non-Nato ally status to Pakistan.



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