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Pakistan rebuffs Indian claims on possible military dimension of commercial vessel

07 March, 2020 11:31

Pakistan rebuffs Indian claims on possible military dimension of commercial vessel.

Indian authorities claimed to have held item from commercial vessel.

Pakistan rebuffs Indian claims

The Foreign Office spokesperson rejected the claim in a statement.

She said the item under question is a heat treatment furnace casing system which has several industrial applications.

The statement further said the item is not listed in any international export control list.

Moreover, she said contrary to what is being claimed, the item was correctly declared in the relevant documentation.

The spokesperson said there was no attempt to hide or conceal any information.

Earlier, Indian government had conveyed its concerns to China over equipment they seized in Pakistan-bound ship.

Since India is facing worldwide condemnation over its measures against Kashmir (IOK) and anti Muslim attacks, many believe Indian claim an attempt to divert attention from that.

Pakistanis always looked Indian government with suspicion because it abetted in dismemberment of Pakistan in 1971.

The government of Pakistan also had been accusing India of instigating terror and separatists groups in Balochistan.

However, current attacks on Muslims in India unmasked the real face of PM Modi led BJP government of India.

It seems that Modi government don’t rein in extremist Hindus so far.






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