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Pakistan renews support for Palestine state with al Quds as capital

29 January, 2020 12:04

Pakistan renews support for Palestine state with al Quds as capital city.

Foreign Office Spokesperson Aisha Farooqui issued a statement today (Wednesday).
Her statement came in what appeared a comment on US President Donald Trump’s peace plan.
“We have seen the announcement of a Peace Plan for the Middle East by the United States,” she said.

Pakistan renews support for Palestine

Pakistan renewed its call for the establishment of a viable, independent and contiguous State of Palestine, on the basis of internationally-agreed parameters, the pre-1967 borders, and with Al-Quds Al-Sharif as its capital.

She said that Pakistan has consistently supported a two-state solution, as enshrined in the relevant Security Council and General Assembly Resolutions.
The spokeswoman said Pakistan continues to support a just and lasting solution of the Palestinian issue, through dialogue and negotiations.
She added that the dialogue should lead to the realization of the legitimate rights of the Palestinians, including the right of self-determination.
President Trump had announced ME peace plan but Palestinian leadership turned down it.
Both Palestine Authority of Mahmoud Abbas and Gaza-based Hamas rejected the US plan.
Even Western media saw a clear and unprecedented tilt in favour of Israel.
Since its establishment in 1947, Pakistan reject idea of Jewish State in Palestine.
Due to ideology of founding fathers of Pakistan, the state of Pakistan don’t recognise Israel to date.

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