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Pakistan vows not to allow use of its soil against any other state

06 January, 2020 06:03

Pakistan vows not to allow use of its soil against any other state, as Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi spoke to counterparts in 4 countries.

He reaffirmed that Pakistan would neither let its soil to be used against any other state nor become part of any regional conflict.

Pakistan vows not to allow

He expressed these views during telephonic conversations with his counterparts from Saudi Arabia, Iran, UAE and Turkey.

The Foreign Minister exchanged views with his counterparts on the unfolding situation in the region.

While highlighting Pakistan’s deep concern over the recent developments, he underscored the need of avoidance of conflict.
He also called for exercising of maximum restraint, and de-escalation of tensions.

The Foreign Minister renewed the call on all parties concerned to abide by the UN Charter and principles of international law to settle differences through peaceful means.

Sharing Pakistan’s perspective, he expressed the hope that the progress made in Afghan peace process would be preserved and further advanced.

Shah Mahmood Qureshi reiterated Pakistan’s readiness to continue to play its role in preventing further escalation and maintaining regional peace and stability.

Public reaction

Pakistan has witnessed nation-wide protest from Karachi to Islamabad and Gilgit Baltistan.

Yesterday, tens of thousands of protesters marched to US consulate in Karachi from Karachi Press Club via II Chundrigar Road and Native Jetty Bridge.

Meanwhile, another mammoth protest rally held in Islamabad.

The protesters condemned the US airstrikes in Baghdad citing its illegality. They said US made Pakistanis to recall Salala airstrikes in which US killed many Pakistan Army soldiers.


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