Tue, 18 Jun 2024
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‘Pakistan will struggle in T20 World Cup’

18 May, 2024 12:12

Former Pakistan captain and head coach Mohammad Hafeez has warned that Babar Azam and co. would struggle in the upcoming ICC T20 World Cup.

Pakistan will be facing England in a four-match T20I series before heading into the ICC T20 World Cup starting in June.

However, former all-rounder believes that the team is not ready for the tournament despite having a quality squad.

“Look, as a Pakistani, my heart will always remain in the favour of Pakistan regardless of their performance. But, considering the facts, I think the Pakistan team will struggle,” Hafeez said.

“The only reason behind that is they are not ready in terms of the right formation and the mindset. Also, their roles are not defined yet like a controlled team,” he added.

When asked about for semifinalists for the tournament, Hafeez was reluctant to pick Pakistan among top four.

“Look, I would say the same thing again, if I were to say what my heart wants, I would pick Pakistan first. If I consider tactics and right formation then I think India can perform better in the West Indies.

“West Indies themselves could perform better there and alongside them, England could perform really well.”

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