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‘Parizaad’ sequel confirmed for next year

07 May, 2024 16:22

The blockbuster Pakistani dram Parizaad is getting a sequel, CEO of Hum Network Duraid Qureshi confirmed Tuesday.

Though the details about the case and story is under wraps at the moment, but the CEO said that it would be releasing the drama next year.

“It’s going to be a beautiful story,” Qureshi promised. “Our philosophy is that the content should be good, and it should be complete. If you study the show, you will see that not one single episode or performance dragged, which is why it was so successful.”

With Qureshi’s promise of a beautiful story that doesn’t drag, fans can expect great things from the drama when it hits screens next year.

About Parizaad

Based on the novel of the same name, Parizaad starred renowned actor Ahmed Ali Akbar as the titular character, telling the tale of a college student striving to reach his ambitions.

The drama was screened in July 2021, wrapping up with the final episode in cinemas on January 28 2022 before airing on television three days later on February 1 2022.

The show was hailed by critics and fans alike for deviating from the traditional sobbing women featured heavily in Pakistani dramas.

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