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PM Shehbaz voices concern over AJK situation

12 May, 2024 18:49

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has expressed serious concern over the situation in Azad Kashmir and said that unfortunately political point scoring is being done in this situation.

In a statement, the prime minister  said that peaceful protest is the beauty of democracy, but in the name of protest, taking the law into hand and damaging government property will not be allowed.

On the other hand, Pakistan Muslim League-N Azad Kashmir President Shah Ghulam Qadir has said that he had a conversation with the prime minister of Pakistan during which he expressed concern over the current situation.

According to Qadir, the prime minister said that all parties should play a role in establishing peace and order in Azad Kashmir, and the administration should open the door for dialogue to restore peace and order.

Meanwhile, Pakistan People’s Party Azad Kashmir President Chaudhry Muhammad Yasin has said that the prime minister of Azad Kashmir has lost his mind due to which the state and the people are facing each other today.

Yasin further said that electricity and flour are cheap in Gilgit-Baltistan, so why can’t it be in Azad Kashmir? The legitimate demands of the people should be fulfilled, he added.

Earlier, President Asif Ali Zardari has called an emergency meeting on the current situation in Azad Kashmir.

According to the sources, the meeting will be held at the President’s House to consider the situation of Azad Kashmir.

The sources said the president has directed all the stakeholders to bring suggestions to resolve the matter.

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