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PM urges world to notice brutal reality of racist Modi regime of India

29 February, 2020 07:19

PM urges world to notice brutal reality of racist Modi regime of India.

Prime Minister Imran Khan urged the world community must accept the brutal reality of the Modi’s fascist and racist regime.

He also emphasised that world needs to stop it from the ongoing pogrom of Muslims in New Delhi.

PM Khan said this in a series of tweets.

PM urges world

He drew attention to the killings of Muslims being and arson attacks on mosques and graveyards and their  desecration.

Khan declared them similar to Jews fleeing the pogrom in Nazi Germany.

The Prime Minister also shared a video clip of a Cambridge University Lecturer Priya Gopal.

She likens attack on Muslims, their mosques, homes and businesses in New Delhi to the pogrom of Jews which the Nazis perpetrated in 1938.

Imran Khan cited he had been stating repeatedly, Modi’s Hindu Supremacist agenda remains akin to the Nazi pogrom of Jews in the 1930s.

He said Modi conducted pogrom against Muslims in Gujarat as Chief Minister and now we are seeing the same in New Delhi.

Meanwhile, Cambridge University Lecturer, Priya Gopal has said a very dangerous supremacist ideology is out on the streets in India and targeting the Muslim population.

She said this in a TV talk.

Furthermore, she said it is a deep structural violence wherein mobs directly incited by senior Indian leaders are beating up the Muslims.

Priya Gopal said they were setting on fire Muslims’ shops and businesses.

She said the world needs to wake up to the gravity of situation in India.



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