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Printed Solar Panels another renewable energy solution for the world

25 November, 2023 20:38

Solar energy is a huge source of clean, sustainable power. If we can capture it, even a fraction of the sun’s energy could power the world.


The most interesting innovations so far are printed solar panels. These have the potential to revolutionize the production of solar grids and increase the pace of solar power’s proliferation.


What are Printed Solar Panels?


The University of Newcastle Australia, a leading research group in solar technology ; believed printed solar panels are a low-cost, lightweight, and highly portable renewable energy solution.


These panels can be produced very quickly with printers. This makes them easier to deploy and replaced for a much lower cost than traditional solar panels. This also makes it easier to construct these panels within other structural materials like vehicle skins, tents, and more.


How are they made?


To create the panels, engineers use liquid organic polymer compounds instead of silicon to mass produce photovoltaic strips.


These 0.075 mm thick strips can be adhesively attached to surfaces to easily install them in a variety of different possible locations.


How can Printed Solar Panels be used?


There are a number of different applications for the printed panels. According to University of Newcastle Australia professor Paul Dastoor, the printed panels can be produced cheaply.


They are very portable and flexible. Therefore, they can be built into vehicles and other materials to be used as a more efficient source of energy.


Affordability and adaptibility 


Printed solar panels can be created more cheaply and distributed faster than traditional solar panels. This significantly reduces the barrier to entry for solar energy.


Printed solar cells can be produced at half the cost of their traditional counterparts. This makes them more efficient and more effective for deployment in developing countries.


The University of Newcastle Australia’s proprietary printed solar panels can be produced at a price as little as $10 AUD per square meter. On a larger scale, kilometers of solar panels could be produced each day.



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