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PTI wants judicial commission to investigate Rauf Hassan attack

22 May, 2024 18:08

The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf has demanded the formation of a judicial commission over attack on its central information secretary Rauf Hassan.

The senior PTI leader was injured in a knife attack outside the office of a news channel on Tuesday.

“It was an assassination attempt”, said PTI leader Omar Ayub in a press conference in Islamabad. He was flanked by injured Rauf.

According to Islamabad police, Hassan was attacked with a blade and eyewitnesses stated that he was hit in the face with a blade by a “transgender person”.

The CCTV footage show that he was interacting with a person when walking towards the parking area after coming out from the TV office.

Shortly, three other persons joined and they attacked him.

Ayub stated that the judicial commission should “immediately be formed” to investigate the attack.

He warned that the forms of coercion mentioned by the six Islamabad High Court judges could spread to other places.

He warned that the party would begin countrywide protests if such kinds of attacks were made against their party leaders.

“The impact of such demonstrations will be on the corrupt government,” the PTI leader said and rejected the first information report (FIR) registered by Islamabad police for the attack.

Meanwhile, Hassan stated that at least four people aggressively dealt with him and punched him.

“They virtually pushed me towards my car. I somehow managed to get to my car and went away,” he said and alleged that it was an orchestrated attack.

“They went for my jugular. The direction of their attack was to cut my neck. I ducked and I survived,” he said and added that he would get healed.

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