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PTI will form govt in center, two provinces: says Gohar

10 February, 2024 14:59

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Barrister Zafar Gohar launching the slogan Ghulami Na Manzoor (Slavery is unacceptable) said that PTI will from the government in center, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab.

He claimed that PTI-backed independent candidates have secured about 170 National Assembly seats in the recently concluded elections.

The PTI leader said that there was an “apparent attempt to shape the winning seats of the PTI into defeats”.

Gohar was speaking to the media after the conclusion elections 2024 results on Saturday. “People used their right to vote peacefully on February 8 on ex-premier Imran Khan’s call.”

It was the ECP’s “constitutional and legal responsibility” to declare polling results by 2 am. If they fail in any case, the presiding officers are bound to release them on the next day and explain the reasons behind the delay, he said.

Stating that the ECP’s “last responsibility was to compile the results transparently”, Gohar said that according to the law, the contesting candidate, an election agent, and an authorised observer needed to be present during the compilation process.

“We claim with great certitude that right now, the PTI has achieved a lead on 170 seats of the National Assembly,” he said. “Out of these, 94 are those that the ECP is admitting and has issued Form-47 (provisional results).”

Gohar further said that 22 seats — including three of Islamabad, four of Sindh and the rest of Punjab — were those where according to Form-45, the PTI had won but were “converted to a defeat”.

Moreover, for the first time in the history of the country, out of 45 NA seats from KP, PTI has won 39, he said.

“In KP, we also secured two-thirds majority in the province, similarly we are also securing a majority in Punjab,” he claimed.

“I want to congratulate the whole nation, as per the instructions from Imran Khan, on this historic victory dubbed as Ghulami Na Manzoor (Slavery is unacceptable).”

Condemning PML-N Nawaz Sharif’s claim of securing a majority, he announced that “if any party secured a majority in the 2024 Elections, it was PTI, and they will form the government in the centre”.

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