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‘Received death threats for criticising Virat Kohli’

30 May, 2024 11:57

It is not easy to criticise cricketers in India, and if it is someone as prominent as Virat Kohli, it is better to choose words wisely. This is something Former New Zealand pacer Simon Doull learned the hard way as he received death threats for his criticism of Indian batting maestro.

Doull, known for his blunt and outspoken personality, was one of several former players who had criticised Kohli for his batting strike rate during the initial phase of IPL 2024.

However, the 35-year-old batter overcome the obstacle in later part of the tournament, ending the season with a strike rate of 154.70, the highest he has ever maintained in an IPL season.

During a recent interview with Cricbuzz, he shared the downside of criticizing Kohli.

“I see a phenomenal player, a player who should be dominating more than what he was. That’s what I talk about (when I mention) his strike rate,” he said.

Doull went on to add that he felt that Kohli was afraid get out because he was worried about what is behind him rather than (saying), he is so good.

“It is the same thing I said about Babar [Azam] and I had a chat with him after I talked about it in Pakistan and he said that his coaches told him the same thing. What I loved about (Kohli) this year was the intent to hit sixes,” the former pacer said.

“He is too good to worry about getting out and that was always my point. I have said a thousand great things about Virat Kohli but I say one thing negative or construed to be negative, and I get death threats. That’s the shame of it,” he added.

Doull also remarked that he always had good chats with Kohli whenever they met.

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