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Saheefa Jabbar slams Bollywood’s silence Israel genocide in Gaza

28 May, 2024 14:49

Pakistani actor Saheefa Jabbar Khattak has questioned Bollywood’s silence on the ongoing Israel genocide in Gaza.

“What are we doing about Bollywood? Our neighbouring country, where we are eager to work, and where we speak so highly of them in our interviews, NONE of them have spoken against the ongoing genocide,” Khattak wrote in her Instagram story.

She urged people to stop hyping up Bollywood celebrities and wishing them on their birthdays,

Khattak was off the vide that the Indian government had banned Pakistani artists from working ‘for them’.

She continued that people from Pakistan were rarely offered good roles in Bollywood, and that during “this genocide, the whole of India is silent”.

“It’s time that we focus on our craft, make better films and dramas, and stop seeking validation from them or anyone.”

He statement comes after Gaza’s health ministry announced that nearly 36,000 Palestinians have been killed in Israel’s offensive,

Despite worsening conditions in the Gaza Strip, including an Israeli airstrike which triggered a massive blaze killing 45 people in a tent camp in Rafah, Bollywood bigwigs have largely remained silent.

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