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Sindh screens almost 4 million people for malaria ; 555000 were infected with malaria

25 December, 2023 20:12

This year Sindh recorded over half a million people (555,000) infected with malaria – killing two, last year malraria killed twenty five, infected over 417,213 people in Sindh.

Sindh became hotbed for malaria because of poor sanitation, drainage and flood water which supported mosquitoes for breeding. Despite cold weather over 5000 people got infected with malaria from Dec 21 to Dec 23.

A total of 1,567 cases were reported on a single day (Dec 23) across the province. The hotspots were Jamshoro 380, Dadu 203, Larkana 147 and Jacobabad 135. One each fatality was related to Tando Allah Yar and Tharparkar in current year.

The Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) Dr Abdul Ghafoor Shoro on prevailing situation of malaria said : “Continued discharge of sewage aggravates the conditions, providing breeding grounds to mosquitoes. Cases of malaria and dengue are still being reported in Karachi as well as other parts of the province.”

Dr Abdul Ghafoor Shoro questioned the govt figure of (555,000) cases , stressed that the actual number of malaria cases would be much higher as the government doesn’t have an efficient reporting system.

The higher number of cases reported this year indicates zero efforts on part of the government to eliminate breeding grounds of mosquitoes, adding, Sindh was still reeling from the after-effects of last year’s devastating floods as water especially in lower parts of Sindh was still standing.

According to data, malaria cases were recorded as Karachi division reported 3,636, 24,078 in Shaheed Benazirabad, 109,258 in Mirpurkhas, 125,739 in Larkana, 29,612 in Sukkur and 258,065 in Hyderabad.

Malaria could be deadly if a patient was left untreated. The illness lowers platelet level, increasing vulnerability for internal bleeding. It can also cause renal failure due to complications.

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