Tue, 28 May 2024
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Sony teases PlayStation 5 Pro, specs leaked

15 April, 2024 18:44

Sony is gearing up to upgrade its already impressive PlayStation 5 with a more powerful console PS5 Pro, the Verge reported Monday.

According to the site the Japanese company has already asked the developers to make their games compatible with a focus on improving ray tracing.

The console, codenamed Trinity, will included a powerful GPU and a slightly faster CPU mode. Moreover, the company wants more than just rendering games from its new console.

It is reported that the gaming device will be far more capable of rendering games with ray tracing enabled or hitting higher resolutions and frame rates in certain titles.

Sony appears to be encouraging developers to use graphics features like ray tracing more with the PS5 Pro, with games able to use a “Trinity Enhanced” (PS5 Pro Enhanced) label if they “provide significant enhancements.”

The PS5 Pro will have an upgraded memory which would be 576GB/s about 28 percent then the standard PS5 memory runs at 448GB/s

Developers will also get more access to overall system memory. Games can use an additional 1.2GB of system memory on the PS5 Pro, so that’s 13.7GB overall compared to the 12.5GB allocated to games on the base PS5.

Apart from that, Sony is upscaling Nvidia’s DLSS or AMD’s FSR to improve frame rates and image quality on PlayStation.

Sony has built a “custom architecture for machine learning” on the PS5 Pro, which supports 300TOPS of 8-bit computation.

This new architecture supports Sony’s custom PSSR upscaling solution, which is designed to replace a game’s existing temporal anti-aliasing or upsampling implementation.

If developers are able to get their games ready in time, I fully expect to see a PS5 Pro launch this holiday season.

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