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TikTok to bring new feature to compete with YouTube

19 May, 2024 12:52

Online video sharing platform TikTok has announced the introduction of a new feature for its users and the said feature is designed to compete with YouTube.

According to the details, the TikTok administration has announced a major change in its plans under which Tik Tok app users will be provided with the facility to upload long videos lasting several hours.

The announcement was made by a TikTok official in an interview to a technology website. This announcement of TikTok is being considered as a competitor to Google’s popular video application YouTube.

It should be noted that earlier in January, TikTok extended the video duration to half-an-hour for some users, while other users can only upload 10-minute shorts on TikTok.

Technology Web reports that if TikTok allows uploading of 60-minute videos then users will not need to split an episode into multiple parts. Currently, video creators are required subscription to upload 20 minute-long videos.

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