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UK Labor leader faces disagreement over Israel and Hamas Issue

08 November, 2023 17:48

London (Web Desk) – The debate over the UK Labor Party’s main opposition leader’s position on Israel’s war with Hamas intensified on Wednesday following the resignation of the party’s top team.
Keir Starmer, who is expected to become Britain’s next prime minister in elections expected next year, has rejected calls for a permanent ceasefire. Instead, the former human rights lawyer called for a humanitarian moratorium on Israeli bombing so that urgently needed aid could reach ordinary Palestinians unable to leave their coastal enclaves.
However, his attitude caused unrest within the party. In a letter to Starmer, the party’s workers’ rights spokesman Imran Hussein said he wanted to press hard for a humanitarian ceasefire. “A ceasefire is essential to end the bloodshed, ensure sufficient aid flows into Gaza and reaches those most in need, and ensure the safe return of Israeli hostages,” he wrote. .
Hussein added that he “unequivocally condemned” Hamas’s October 7 attack and strongly agreed that “all countries have the right to defend themselves.” But he said this “can never translate into a right to knowingly violate international law protecting civilians or commit war crimes.”
Starmer, who replaced former far-left leader Jeremy Corbyn in 2020, faces an escalating battle to maintain discipline in the top team amid the Gaza conflict. At least 16 members of his shadow cabinet have called for a ceasefire or shared others’ demands on social media. A Labor Party spokesperson said the ceasefire would freeze the conflict and “leave Gaza and its Hamas hostages with the infrastructure and capacity to carry out attacks like the one we saw on October 7.” “International law must always be respected and innocent civilians must be protected. Labor is calling for a moratorium on humanitarian fighting.”

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