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White House cancels Iftar dinner after Muslims boycott

04 April, 2024 11:30

In a big embarrassment for the White House, they were forced to cancel the Iftar dinner after Muslims boycotted the event over Biden’s support for Israel’s bombardment of Gaza.

The event was scheduled on Tuesday evening, according to New York Times, claiming that they cited concerns over the ongoing siege affecting Palestinians.

“We’re just in a different world,” said Wa’el Alzayat, who leads Emgage, a Muslim advocacy organization. “It’s completely surreal. And it’s sad.”

After rejections from Alzayat and others, he said the White House adjusted its plans Monday, telling community leaders that it wanted to host a meeting focused on administration policy.

The meeting, which lasted over an hour, was attended by President Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, and other senior officials.

Attendees during the meeting discussed their experiences in Gaza, with one doctor showing photos of children from the region.

Dr. Thaer Ahmad, a Palestinian American doctor who was in Gaza in January, told the NYT, “How can we talk to you about famine and starvation over bread and steak?”

“Out of respect for my community, and for the many people who are grieving and in pain, I have to walk out of this meeting.” President Biden indicated he understood Dr. Ahmad’s feelings, the report stated.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre acknowledged the sensitivity of the meeting, describing it as a “deeply painful moment for many in the Arab and Muslim communities.”

She stated that President Biden remains committed to securing an immediate ceasefire and increasing humanitarian aid to Gaza.

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