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Youth loans under Kamyab Jawan Program as per Islamic banking shortly

01 February, 2020 11:20

Youth loans under Kamyab Jawan Program as per Islamic banking shortly because government is planning in this regard.

This plan also came under discussion during the meeting of Governor State Bank of Pakistan Reza Baqir and Special Assistant on Youth Affairs Usman Dar.

They had a meeting in Islamabad today.

Youth loans under Kamyab Jawan Program

Both sides discussed the disbursement of loans as per the Islamic banking.

Official sources said taht the government has decided to provide loans to the youth under Kamyab Jawan Program.

However, these loans would be provided under Islamic banking.

During the meeting, they decided to start the Islamic banking oriented phase of Kamyab Jawan Program from April.

In his remarks, Usman Dar said that the Governor State Bank has completed the process of consultations with the stakeholders on the matter.

Kamyab Jawan Programme

This programme aims at integrating young voices, perspective, aspiration and gainful opportunities into national development policies and processes.
Facilitate and support provincial governments with their youth-focused policies and programmes and strengthen inter-governmental coordination for youth development.

Promote public-private partnerships for research and development, human resource development and interventions.

Set pro-youth programmatic parameters for collaborative partnerships with international development bodies

Promote programmes focusing on youth’s social empowerment, employment, civic engagement, awareness, recreation, health and wellbeing.

Promote formal and non-formal education, technical and vocational skills, digital skills, financial inclusion, social entrepreneurship and micro-business support for employment and economic empowerment of youth.

Fulfill Pakistan’s global commitments through engagement of youth for achieving SDGs specially related to youth while focusing on mainstreaming marginalized youth groups.


Create opportunities for young people to empower them in the process of decision making and recognize their representation in all spheres of life.


Youth as an agent of change has an equal values and a share in allocated resources in this Framework, regardless of ethnicity, belief, background or gender.
Diverse background and cultural identities are equally valued and respected at all level.
Youth are motivated to apply creative, innovative and enterprising approaches for socio-economic development.


Tolerance is encouraged at all levels in order to eliminate religious, sectarian, ethnic and political division.


Facilities and support national provincial institutions for implementation of the Framework with pro- youth spirit.


Free and fair distribution of resources and holding institutions accountable for performances is ensured for program youth governance.

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