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FO rejects Indian leadership continuing irresponsible anti-Pakistan rhetoric

07 February, 2020 15:38

FO rejects Indian leadership continuing irresponsible anti-Pakistan rhetoric.

According to a statement of Foreign Office, Pakistan urged the international community to take cognizance of unprecedented persecution of minorities in India, particularly Muslims.

FO rejects Indian leadership

It also urged them to take notice of continuing inhuman lockdown and humanitarian crisis in Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir.
The statement further said recent remarks by President Ram Nath Kovind and Prime Minister Narendra Modi reflect India’s desperate attempts to divert attention from international criticism of its illegal and inhuman actions in IOJK.
Furthermore, FO said India sough to deflect public attention from growing protests against anti-minority policies of the RSS-inspired BJP government.

Prime Minister warns India

Meanwhile, Prime Minister has warned India that its misadventure will end up in its own defeat.

Imran Khan also said that a good time is coming for Kashmiris that will lead to their ultimate freedom from Indian occupation.

He expressed these views, while addressing Kashmir Solidarity rally in Mirpur on Thursday.

He said the purpose of his visit to Mirpur is to give a loud and clear message to more than eight million besieged Kashmiris that today whole Pakistan stands with them.

PM said the stupidity which Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi committed on 5th August last year in arrogance will result in ultimate freedom of Kashmir.

He said the day curfew will be lifted in Occupied Kashmir, a sea of people will come out of their houses to demand freedom from Indian rule.

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