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Prime Minister Imran likens his govt problems with Malaysian Dr M’s

19 January, 2020 07:57

Prime Minister Imran likens his govt problems with Malaysian Dr M’s (Prime Minister Matahir Mohammad).

Imran Khan has expressed his feelings in a tweet today (Sunday).

Prime Minister Imran likens

He asserted that his government faces the same problems which Dr Mahathir faced in Malaysia.

Importantly, he called Mahathir bin Mohamad as the most experienced and accomplished statesman of the Muslim world.

He further said Prime Minister Mahathir confronted with an entrenched political mafia.

PM Khan noted that mafia had bankrupted and indebted Malaysia while leaving state institutions devastated.

However, in a series of tweets, he reiterated his criticism toward India.

Prime Minister Imran Khan stressed an urgent need for United Nations Security Council to insist India to allow United Nations Military Observer Group in India and Pakistan (UNMOGIP) return to IOJK-side of LOC.

He referred to Indian Occupation forces continuous targeting and killing civilians across the Line of Control.

Due to incessant killings with increasing intensity and frequency, he called for UNSC action.

In a tweet today, Imran Khan expressed the apprehensions that India can stage a false flag operation.

The Prime Minister warned India and the international community that if India continues its military attacks killing civilians across LOC, Pakistan will find it increasingly difficult to remain an inactive observer along the LOC.




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